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COUNTY FC ACADEMY is an organization striving to provide quality soccer opportunities for a minimal cost to local youth in our community. The youth programs include children varying from ages 5 to 17. These players currently compete in games in the Town of New Tecumseth and surrounding areas within the province of Ontario during the spring, summer, fall and winter programs.


Our goal at COUNTY FC ACADEMY is to give players an opportunity to improve their soccer skills to the next level and help aid the player in a potential scholarship opportunity. While also teaching the game of soccer, our coaches will show our players that working hard, team unity and pledging commitment is what it requires to achieve a successful team. Our belief at COUNTY FC ACADEMY is to provide our players with opportunities to play competitively while offering them a positive learning experience.


The COUNTY FC ACADEMY Competitive Program allows our players to compete on the provincial stage and internationally while showcasing their skills.  Our Academy is designed to provide a professional soccer environment to develop the complete player and ensure that all players reach their true potential. Our mission is to develop players to become technically proficient in all areas of the game while instilling a lifelong passion for football (soccer).


COUNTY FC ACADEMY invites you to support the continued development of soccer in your community, by offering financial sponsorship or in kind donations. Your sponsorship will help reduce costs for each player to achieve their soccer goals.


We appreciate your consideration,


Your local COUNTY FC Youth.



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